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Lance Keene & Loredo Sola - DotNetNuke Experts
         Loredo Sola        Lance Keene, President

DotNetNuke is the leading Content Management System based on Microsoft ASP.NET. It’s running more than 700,000 production web sites worldwide. This powerful CMS and application development framework allows your organization to easily create and maintain fully customized, highly engaging web applications.

DotNetNuke is an excellent web development platform. Built on top of ASP.NET, it allows your organization to leverage its existing Microsoft technology investments. Keene Systems has the expertise and experience to get you into DotNetNuke or to enhance your current DotNetNuke website with custom DNN module programming. Founded in 1987, Keene Systems has specialized in database driven ASP/ASP.Net websites for the past 15 years. We have been developing DotNetNuke applications since 2006. Our largest DNN project was for National Geographic. We built their school publishing website, a project that spanned several years.

While most consulting firms are merely looking for billable hours, we are looking for ways to save you money and build a strong relationship. DotNetNuke allows us to achieve just that by delivering exceptional value. We have a staff of 20+ developers, some in our New Hampshire offices and some in India. We specialize in hybrid team (on-shore/off-shore) approaches to software development. This significantly reduces your cost. Our scalable team will make your DotNetNuke project a success. From inception to DNN skin design, to programming, all the way through deployment, we provide services at every step of the process. We're the one stop DotNetNuke consulting firm you have been looking for!

I want to hear about your DNN project. Please call me today at 603-726-5058. I want to personally discuss with you how our hybrid team approach can provide a cost effective way of delivering quality DotNetNuke solutions that solve your business problems.    -Lance Keene  
100% Veteran owned business
Keene Systems is a 100% veteran owned
business.  Why is that important? You can count on us to get the job done.  As the Army ad says "We get more done before 9am than most people do all day."  

Software projects require significant care and communication throughout the project process in order to be successful. This kind of personalized care requires attention to detail and the establishment of rapport and trust. We know how important the client-vendor relationship can be in achieving success. At Keene Systems, trust is an integral part of our team culture so that we can offer our clients the best possible solutions.
Client Comments
"Keene Systems developed a profitable eCommerce site and two powerful intranet applications for us. One was an editorial application for entering new books and updating the live site through a workflow-controlled process that included editor, publisher and author approvals. The second was for customer service, billing, and financial reporting and detailed activity monitoring. In all three cases, Keene Systems delivered outstanding turnkey systems that were flexible and open-ended."
David Wilcox, CEO
MeansBusiness Inc.

“Keene Systems enabled us to create an internal database-driven HR application that calculated employee bonuses and hid its complexity from our users. The UI was as simple to use as a spreadsheet.”
Nancy Spalding-Gray, IT Mgr.
State Street Research

“To help us create an internal patient record-keeping system, Keene Systems provided the responsive service we needed, delivering the completed project on schedule and on budget.”
Sharon Hershon, IT Manager
Partners Healthcare
What do we do?
Recent DotNetNuke Projects
  • National Geographic School Publishing – Carmel, California
    In early 2007, after the Merger of National Geographic School Publishing and Hampton Brown School Publishing they needed a new website and hired Keene Systems to deliver a solution. The site we developed,, is based on ASP.Net, SQL Server & DotNetNuke. It manages more than 16,000 education products for grades pre-school through 12 and required dozens of custom DotNetNuke modules. There is extensive integration with their back end accounting system and support of their sales force.

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – Manchester, NH -
    Developed a custom DotNetNuke system to manage information on patients in their Bariatric program, their weights, meeting dates treatments and complications. Created numerous DotNetNuke modules and used AJAX auto-complete controls to lookup patient data. A conversion program was also developed to extract data out of their legacy system.

  • Kamakura Corporation - Honolulu, Hawaii -
    Kamakura is a provider of financial risk management solutions, software and consulting. Keene Systems assisted with some development on their DotNetNuke website.

  • Polk County Fire Services - Polk County, Florida -
    Keene Systems built a new real-time web user interface for their 911 emergency system. The DotNetNuke UI connected to their SQL Server back end..

  • P. Wolfe Consultants - Manhattan, New York -
    P.Wolfe Consultants is a full service architectural firm in Manhattan specializing in permitting and compliance on large scale construction and renovation projects. Keene Systems developed an online permitting system that allowed their clients to fill in most of the information needed for NYCs strict permitting process. The site was based on DotNetNuke and integrated with Acrobat to fill in the city's building permit template.

  • R.O.D.S. Trucking - Plant City, Florida -
    Developed a DotNetNuke based system to manage trucks, materials, drivers, deliveries, clients and projects. This required 15+ DotNetNuke modules. Also wrote a conversion application to extract and reapir data out of their existing MS Access system importing it into the new system.

  • Rocket Ready - Arlington, Virginia -
    Rocket Ready had us develop a DotNetNuke site to manage restaurant menus called DineDaily. It consisted of 26 different DNN modules all written in C#.

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – Hanover, NH -
    Keene Systems Partnered with Clinformatics to create a DotNetNuke based International Perfusion Registry to share useful and actionable clinical information regarding the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass. We created numerous DNN modules to manage statistics on patients' heart procedures.
  • Why DotNetNuke?
    Our DotNetNuke Strategy
    Many of our clients will receive the most value for their development dollars by leveraging a pre-existing portal development platform like DotNetNuke instead of developing everything from scratch. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. This allows us to simply “configure” many of your requirements and save your development budget for features that require custom programming. In the end you will have a fully scalable, database driven website built on Microsoft best practices that will have significantly more capabilities than your original requirements call for. It is not uncommon that 80% of a web development project disappears when we reevaluate it in the context of DotNetNuke. This combined with our hybrid team approach gives us an unmatched ability to deliver quality systems for an exceptional price. We deliver value!

    What is DotNetNuke?
    DotNetNuke is an open-source Web Application Framework ideal for creating sites such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and custom vertical applications. DotNetNuke is available free of charge as open-source software. Its license allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercially.  There are commercial versions of DotNetNuke but most of our clients are happy with the free version. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft ASP.NETSQL Server platform, and is easily installed and hosted.

    What can you do with DotNetNuke?
    DNN users can immediately go about managing all aspects of their new website. That's because the DotNetNuke application provides all of the key features and tools required to operate and maintain a site, as well as giving the administrator complete control of the content, layout, user management, and security of the site. Within minutes after installation, a person with no programming skill can be piecing together a completely original, dynamic web portal. They can be creating new pages of content, using pre-built modules like announcements, discussions, events, FAQs, feedback forms, and multi-media. They could be creating user roles, sending bulk emails, and defining secure sections for registered site users only. They could even be setting up banner advertising and customizing the site’s appearance.

    DotNetNuke Features:

    · Easy to install and to host. Built on Microsoft ASP.NET technology, and runs on SQL Server. In addition, many hosting companies offer free installation of DotNetNuke with their plans. Just pay your first month's hosting for as little as $20 and you can be up and running with a fully functional DNN site in under an hour!

    · Fully extensible and scalable. Suitable for a variety of projects -- from the smallest website to the largest corporate deployment. Internet or Intranet sites can be developed entirely with built-in DotNetNuke features, or can be augmented through third-party modules and custom programming. DotNetNuke has built-in support for cloud computing making it highly scalable.

    · Clearly licensed under a BSD-style license. Software can be completely incorporated, modified, and adapted to personal/business use without having to worry about any legal issues.
    · Priority on security. DotNetNuke is built on a solid foundation of Microsoft Membership.

    · Fully customizable. Changes can be made to portals at all levels – from basic stylesheet elements like font type, color, and bullet points, to overall site appearance. New skins and module containers can be easily applied to the site without affecting the site content and without involvement by programmers. Say after a year, you want a totally new look and feel for your site. Within 10 minutes you can upload a new skin and now you have a totally new look. Plus Keene Systems can provide professional graphic design services to produce a one-of-a-kind skin for your unique branding.

    · Fully localized. Built-in multi-language localization features allow administrators worldwide to easily use and adapt DotNetNuke software for their own use.

    · User-friendly interface. Well designed user interface makes it easy for users to manage all aspects of their projects.

    DotNetNuke Development Strategy

    Since you are starting with a preexisting platform, your strategy of development will be a bit different than standard development. At every juncture of the project you should be asking the question “Do I really need to write custom code for this?” Your strategy should be the following: 

    1. Does the functionality you seek already exist in DotNetNuke? For example, let’s say you want a customizable FAQ page. If so, then just install the FAQ module and start using it.
    2. Does the functionality you seek already exist in a 3rd party module? (many found at For example, let’s say you want a fully featured ecommerce system (like Smith Shopping Cart). Just purchase the module, install it, and then configure it. All without programming. This strategy will save you many thousands of dollars and result in a much better website.
    3. If the functionality you seek is so unique that it doesn’t exist elsewhere then proceed with a traditional ASP.Net development process within the context of DotNetNuke.

    Interested in seeing a demo of DotNetNuke in action? Watch a product tour video on DotNetNuke here. More info on DotNetNuke can be found at the website. If you would like to see an actual DNN site that we produced then please browse to When National Geographic School Publishing merged with Hampton Brown School Publishing they chose Keene Systems to develop their new website. This site manages over 16,000 learning products and ties into several back end systems.

    Lance Keene, President
    Dream no small dreams for these have no power to move the hearts of men. -Goethe

    The economy is turning around slowly but surely. Think big, don't cut corners and plan for the long term.  We are at the beginning of the next major economic boom period.  The software and business processes you put into place this year will pay dividends for the rest of your life. The future is bright, seize the moment! -Lance Keene